Midwife and Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the National Association of Registered Midwives, Rosetta Nteriwa Boakye, says women are required to take emergency pills once a year.

She says it’s dangerous and can wreak havoc on the uterine line if taking the drug becomes frequent.

Research has shown that every woman is supposed to take the emergency contraceptive pill once a year. However, recently, some people consider it like a blood tonic and that is bad. “You will destroy the uterine line and cause problems for yourself,” she said on the Accra-based OKAY FM programme.

However, it cleared up the misconception that family planning causes fibroids.

“I want to clear up the misconception that family planning can cause fibroids. What family planning specifically does with hormones is it sits on the egg and prevents it from breaking. So there will be an absence of menstruation. And there are other types because the egg didn’t mature well and it breaks and the blood is small.

Some contraceptives alter the lining of the uterus so instead of it fading away like your period, you don’t see flow like before, and that’s the action of the medication. So if menstruation is not coming or the flow is minimal, this does not mean that the blood is stuck somewhere and will develop into a fibroid. People should understand that family planning does not make any woman susceptible to fibroids,” she said.

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